The most stolen sign in NYC

None other than Joey Ramone! Find how just how many times the sign has been stolen and what the Department of Transportation was forced to do after the jump.

Located at the intersection of Bowery and East 2nd Street, the sign marking Joey Ramone Place has the distinction of being the most stolen street sign out of the 250,900 in New York City. It has been stolen four times in the last seven years and while that doesn’t seem like a whole lot, think of the sheer effort it takes to scale 12 feet about NYC pavement to pry this thing off. Now that’s dedication!

But because of the Ramones fandom that has caused all this thievary, the Department of Transportation has decided to move the sign from 12 feet off the ground to 20 feet, much to the dismay of Mark Ramone:

“…maybe they should find a better way to attach it. Now you have to be an NBA player to see it.”


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